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Refinishing your bathtub is a beautiful and economical way to enhance the appearance of your bathroom without major construction. 

It is much more efficient than replacing your bathtub, and offers significant cost savings over relining a tub.

Another advantage of refinishing your bathtub is that it will give you the opportunity to select any color you like, although white is generally the most popular, and for good reason (because it looks great!)

Over the years, tubs can tend to lose their shine, and refinishing is a great option for brightening your tub and bathroom, too.

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    The bathtub refinishing process only takes a few hours. In a single day, your tub can look brand new.

    Your newly refinished tub can be used in just 24 hours!

    There is a strong odor during the tub refinishing process, however, we use a ventilation system and the odor is usually gone in an hour or so.

    We offer a 5 year written guarantee on all bathtub refinishing. We also offer a guarantee on all repairs.

    Payment for bathtub refinishing is required at job completion. Commercial accounts are invoiced for payment within 30 days.

    We are not plumbers, and do not engage in plumbing. Disconnecting/reconnecting water controls, spouts, shower heads, drain stoppers and pipes must be done either prior to or following refinishing (depending on the setup and circumstances) by a qualified plumber.

    Assuming you follow proper maintenance, your refinished bathtub will last for many years.

    Yes, your bathtub can be refinished if it’s been previously refinished.

    Chips and minor cracks can be repaired during the cleaning and preparation stage of refinishing your bathtub.

    Yes, however we will have to strip the old coating before we can refinish your tub. Please let us know if you have already had your tub refinished, so we can provide you with an accurate price quote.

    Yes, your tile color can be changed. You can use this color selector to find the right shade.

    Due to the nature of paint taking many days to fully dry, it is best if you paint after tub refinishing. During bathtub refinishing, we must apply masking tape around the edges of the tub, and new paint may detach or peel if it is not fully dry. Reglaze It Now is not responsible for any paint chipping or peeling that may result.

    A leaking bathtub faucet will prevent the refinishing from curing, and the new finish will fail with constant water contact. It is best to have any leaks repaired prior to refinishing by a plumber.



    Non-Slip Surface

    A non-slip surface can be added to your bathtub refinish for an extra $35.This will add grip to your tub, creating a safer bathing experience for your family, and reduce your chances of injury.

    The non-slip surface is virtually invisible, and won’t detract from the new glossy and bright finish of your tub.

    Specialty Non-Skid Bath Mats

    These mats are made of textured rubber, and will provide maximum nonslip safety. They are a much better option than the temporary mats and suction cups, which may harm the finish of your tub.

    The specialty skid mats are available in white or clear and are made with premium rubber, which is durable and even safe to throw in the washing machine.