Los Banos Bathtub Refinishing

Reglaze It Now provides Tub, Tile & Sink Refinishing in Los Banos


When it comes to rejuvenating your bathroom’s appearance without undergoing a full renovation, Reglaze It Now stands out as Los Banos’ best tub, shower and sink refinishing provider. 

For 10+ years, we’ve been working with Los Banos homeowners, property owners, and property managers to revitalize their bathrooms and kitchens. We take aging and outdated tubs and showers and make them new again by restoring their luster. We also provide bathtub refinishing service in Madera, Merced and other nearby cities.

We pride in offering an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to the replacement of tubs, showers, sinks, and tile, and our durable acrylic coating, along with commercial-grade urethane, is backed with a 3-year guarantee.

Over time, tubs, showers, pans, and tile often show signs of wear, discoloration, or damage.

Rather than going through the expensive, stressful and time consuming process of major construction and replacing your fixtures, refinishing can give your fixtures new life, and with a lot less effort. 

If your bathroom could use an update, reglazing your tubs, showers, and sinks can breathe new life into the space. Our refinishing process works perfectly on tubs, showers, shower pans, shower enclosures, sinks, and countertops, too. 

Los Banos shower refinishing

Why Refinish Your Tub or Shower with Reglaze It Now

Quick Turnaround: Full bathroom renovations can take months, while our refinishing process takes a day to complete, with a few days needed for drying. You can start using your new tub or shower in less than a week. It’s quick, it’s stress free! 

Affordability: Our Los Banos bathtub refinishing service is more cost effective compared to traditional bathtub replacement. You can have tubs and showers that look brand new, and put your budget into other home renovation projects. 

Experienced Refinishing Professionals: While there are consumer-grade refinishing solutions on the market, our refinishing team has completed thousands of projects over the years. You can rest assured that your Los Banos refinishing project will be executed with the utmost skill and attention to detail.

Customization: Personalize your bathroom to match your unique style and preferences with color customization options. Whether you opt for a classic white finish or want to introduce a new color to your bathtub, the choice is entirely yours.

Transform Your Los Banos Bathroom with Refinishing

If you’re seeking to rejuvenate your bathroom and give it new life, Reglaze It Now is the top choice in Los Banos for professional bathtub, shower, sink, and tile refinishing.

Forget the inconvenience of traditional bathroom remodeling and say yes to a more beautiful and modern bathroom with Reglaze It Now.

To schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at 559.403.5109 or contact us today.

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